Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Behind This Door ... Ancient Evil.

From the Stygian depths of the primordial rises today's terrifying transmorgueification - terrifying in what it implies more than in the physical abomination revealed. Ask yourself ... What do we really know about the world that flows beneath the waves of earth's oceans? What sleeps in the bottomless deep? What lurks in the unbroken darkness that lies beyond the grasp of science?

The answer? I have none. At least not one that would satisfy any sane person. But I can tell you this ... Do not believe the facade that is known as "Ghoulish Gary Pullin", yet another diabolical menace that is a part of THE RUE MORGUE. (Did I not predict that we would find much corruption oozing from that blighted domain?) This "thing" that calls itself "Gary" even has the nerve to pose as an Art Director.

Take away the wig, the prosthetic nose, the false lips, the false ears, the flesh tone face paint, and the (obviously) false goatee ... And what are you left with? Take a peek at the pic to find out ...

Yet another spawn of Great Cthulhu that got tired of eating fish and associating with drowned corpses I guess. Didn't anyone ever notice that his aftershave smells suspiciously like dead fish?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Hiding in Plain Sight

Clever, clever little mouse,
Creeping through Arcanum's House.
Try, try but you can't hide,
The evil face that lurks inside.

The undead are a tricky lot. They creep and slither amongst us as we go about our daily lives and generally remain undected by the common man. But sometimes their wicked deceptions backfire. Today's transmorgueifiaction exposes two minions of the night who attempted to hide their true nature by flaunting it openly. Clever, clever, little corpses.

Attending some gruesome gathering hosted by THE RUE MORGUE we see here Ms. Vuckovic (the Heart of Darkness) and one of the Rue Morgue's web moderators - a foul blight on the living that calls itself "Rezurected".

Web Moderator ... a fitting title for a black-hearted spider scuttling along the bloated underbelly of the "World Wide Web". But don't take my word alone as proof of their evil nature. Look at the picture below and see what is revealed when their cheap face paint and theatrical contacts are removed (click the pic for a larger image) ...

Really! As if the stench of corrupted flesh could be masked with Halloween makeup. Nice try, evil ones.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I love the smell of BLOOD in the morning ... It smells like ... Victory.

Some things in life (and unlife) are simply meant to be. Certain elements combine to create a union that is greater than the sum of it's parts. These are simple truths.

Take the case of todays transmorgueification as an example. I have always held the opinion that the undead are seriously underestimated by our nation's military as weapons of mass destruction. What better match is there in this chaotic world than vampires and war? Well it seems I am not the only who feels that way. Whilst attending a recent ceremony I managed to capture this image ...

Good thing I was ready. Cocky bastard started to go mist just as I spotted him.

This foul minion of the night goes by the name "Lethaldread" and can be found lurking in the deepest shadows of THE RUE MORGUE .

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Heart of Darkness ( or "Terror in the Rue Morgue")

Prepare yourselves, O' Seekers of Sin ... today's revelation involves a creature so vile that her very being is a crime against the natural order of the universe. An entity of evil whose souless existence is dedicated to the spread of horror. A Champion of all nameless things that slither and creep in the black void between the stars.

I speak of nothing less than Foulness given form, Fear given features ... Behold the Dark Queen of THE RUE MORGUE ... Jovanka Vuckovic.

Stop by THE RUE MORGUE and immerse yourself in the forbidden knowledge gathered there. Browse the boards (at your peril) and allow the corrupting company of it's members to mummify your mind, stain your spirit, and seep into the darkest recesses of your soul. But by all means, have a silver knife in hand, a stake at the ready, and enough holy water to drown a legion of vampires.

Until next time ... Be afraid.

Never Dine With the Devil

Old Scratch, Legba, Lucifer, Satan ... So many names for one baaaaaaaad dude. Well, I think I've uncovered another.

Going by the name "Jo Satana", the Father of Lies was spotted here enjoying a fine meal of ... um ... (check the transmorgueified photo for the true nature of his morbid meal). What is he contemplating? Pain? Suffering? Worldwide destruction? The next big "boy band"? I guess we will never know. I'm ashamed to admit this, loyal readers ... But after my aura-cam captured this image ... I got the hell (no pun intended) out of there. For all I know he was contemplating dessert. Arcanum a la Mode? I think not.

Monday, March 06, 2006

A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

How do I do it? What is my secret? How do I know which random person I come across is merely a misguided mortal and which is a creature of darkness? Well it's usually not easy, readers. All "homo nocturnus" have the ability to "blend in" to some degree. It has been my experience that Nosferatu and Lycanthropes are the best at hiding their true nature ... but even zombies, ghouls, and wraiths can manage so long as they "stick to the shadows". The spawn of the Elder Gods are another matter entirely and generally speaking must go to great lengths to "cover their family history". But none of this is really important.

In today's case, however it was quite easy. Take a look at our friend "RaoulDuke" here (another denizen of the infamous RUE MORGUE).

It seems our fine, furry friend forgot to wash up after his last meal. As soon as I saw that trace of "sauce" on the side of his face, I knew I was on the trail of another fiend. And as it turns out ... I was right.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Saw Man Cometh!

Consider yourself warned reader ... today's entry into the Codex Arcanum is not for the faint of heart. After seeing what I have "uncovered" you will no longer be able to trust your very senses. No longer will you walk amongst your fellow man and feel at ease in your surroundings - for once more a creature of hideous darkness masquerading as a being of soul and flesh has been revealed.

Today's victim of "Trans-Morgue-ification" is a regular haunt of that foul corner of the web known only as THE RUE MORGUE . Going by the name of "Jaysaw" he seems (at first glance) to be no more nor less out of the ordinary than any other person you might pass on the street. But we know better now ... don't we?

Behold the putrid, chainsaw-weilding, homocidal spectre of undeath that is truly ... JAYSAW!!!

I have no doubt that more "regulars" of the infamous Rue Morgue will prove to be as abominable (or worse) than our horrid "Mr. Saw". It is my experience that such morbid monstrosities tend to cluster together like flies on a festering corpse.

Until next time ... be afraid.

Friday, March 03, 2006

There are "vampires" and then there are VAMPIRES!

Today's revealing picture will help to demonstrate a misconception that has been sweeping the "underworld" ever since Anne Rice released "Interview With A Vampire". "What misconception O' Morbid Master of the Macabre?" you ask - simply put ... That vampires are "good people". I'm sure they would love for everyone to think so. If they were capable of feeling "love" that is.
A vampire is an undead minion of darkness whose sole purpose is to drain mortals of life-sustaining nectar (blood), thereby extending their own accursed existence indefinitely. I really don't see much room there for "good times" or "precious memories". They do not feel pity, anguish or woe for what they must do (kill) in order to survive ... Theirs is an endless un-life of death and destruction. And all in the name of power, fear, and the avoidance of "true" death.
Believe me, I know. I work in New York. And if there is one other city on the face of the earth that is more rife with walking carrion that 'ol NY, I would love to hear about it. Next time you find yourself in Manhattan take a good, long whiff of that wonderful city air. You think that stench can be blamed completely on open sewers or uncollected garbage? I don't think so. There is more than a touch of evil in that taint. But I'm getting off-track ... On to today's trans-morgue-ification.

On the outside our subject seems like a nice guy. He even allows folks to use his pictures for their personal or professional projects (thanks, dude). But once we got him behind the lens of the infamous "aura-cam", a different side of Mr. Nice Guy was revealed ...

Just another damn vampire. And a particularly rotten one at that. So the next time you are watching reruns of "Angel" and you find yourself leaning closer to the screen in expectation of some romantic interlude between the "good vampire" and a comely young mortal lass, ask yourself this question. Just how disgusting would a corpse's tongue taste?

Ta for now, ya sickos!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

How the HELL Can Anyone Be THAT Funny?

How "The Hell" indeed! Jack Black ... Hollywood funny-man and all around excellent actor. One of my favorites. But do not be deceived ... nobody is that funny without help. Seems ol' Jacky-Boy might have gotten his "break" down by the crossroad (if you know what I mean). Here ... this pic should make it all clear. Let your eyes be opened to the nefarious, hilarious hijinks of Hell ...

He's even resorted to using subliminal suggestive command on his T-Shirt ... tsk, tsk, Jack ... tsk, tsk.

Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder

As the saying goes "Beauty is only skin deep". So true ... so true ... unless we are talking about one of the living dead. Then it's more a case of "mind over matter". Take the case of this very popular, very recognizable supermodel of Victoria's Secret fame. I always thought that she was just too beautiful to be a mere mortal. As it turns out I was right. Luckily my trusty aura-cam can see right through her hellborn illusions. See for yourself ...

Now, I'm not saying I would turn down a goodnight kiss ... but I would definitely want to gargle with some holy water afterwards.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Not Worth Losing Your Head Over

Here's another interesting case for you beastly blog-readers out there. I have a friend (we will call him "Gruesome") who is a lover of fine art. So much so that he became fixated on one piece in particular and could not go for long without viewing its multi-colored splendor. It seems that poor Gruesome loved art so much that not even the grave could keep him away.

Here we see Gruesome posing with the art before his ... um ... "accident".

And here is Gruesome ... well ... after.

Hey ... at least he's still smiling.

Los Dos Diablos de Venezuela

Well, well, well ... the lesson for today boils and ghouls is that nobody is as innocent as they appear. Take these two brothers from Venezuela as an example. On the outside they seem like mild-mannered, wholesome folk ... BUT once they got behind the lens of my aura-cam (did I mention I use one of those to capture most of my images) their true nature was revealed.

See for yourself ...

I've taken the liberty of renaming them "The Brothers Diablo".

You just can't fight DNA (especially when it comes from an evil entity)

It's true ... you are born with an "encoded blueprint" that pretty much sets the course for your health, appearance, and longevity. This simple fact has a buddy of mine in North Carolina pulling some pretty serious denial. You see ... he is himself the descendant of a "Deep One" (for those of you who do not know what that is I suggest you go read some H.P. Lovecraft ... NOW). His son (pictured below) got a good bit of the "family looks" but they didn't really manifest until he turned 10 or so. Since then my friend has been doctoring old photos to try and make them look like his son would if he weren't half fish.

Below you can see his doctored photo (on the left) along with one that I managed to "restore" showing his son's true appearance.

I guess his diet has changed a bit as well.