Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Heart of Darkness ( or "Terror in the Rue Morgue")

Prepare yourselves, O' Seekers of Sin ... today's revelation involves a creature so vile that her very being is a crime against the natural order of the universe. An entity of evil whose souless existence is dedicated to the spread of horror. A Champion of all nameless things that slither and creep in the black void between the stars.

I speak of nothing less than Foulness given form, Fear given features ... Behold the Dark Queen of THE RUE MORGUE ... Jovanka Vuckovic.

Stop by THE RUE MORGUE and immerse yourself in the forbidden knowledge gathered there. Browse the boards (at your peril) and allow the corrupting company of it's members to mummify your mind, stain your spirit, and seep into the darkest recesses of your soul. But by all means, have a silver knife in hand, a stake at the ready, and enough holy water to drown a legion of vampires.

Until next time ... Be afraid.


Anonymous Darth Mordant said...

I like what you have done...I myself have attempted these ideas...well not your ideas but some similar.

August 27, 2007 2:16 PM  

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