Monday, March 13, 2006

Hiding in Plain Sight

Clever, clever little mouse,
Creeping through Arcanum's House.
Try, try but you can't hide,
The evil face that lurks inside.

The undead are a tricky lot. They creep and slither amongst us as we go about our daily lives and generally remain undected by the common man. But sometimes their wicked deceptions backfire. Today's transmorgueifiaction exposes two minions of the night who attempted to hide their true nature by flaunting it openly. Clever, clever, little corpses.

Attending some gruesome gathering hosted by THE RUE MORGUE we see here Ms. Vuckovic (the Heart of Darkness) and one of the Rue Morgue's web moderators - a foul blight on the living that calls itself "Rezurected".

Web Moderator ... a fitting title for a black-hearted spider scuttling along the bloated underbelly of the "World Wide Web". But don't take my word alone as proof of their evil nature. Look at the picture below and see what is revealed when their cheap face paint and theatrical contacts are removed (click the pic for a larger image) ...

Really! As if the stench of corrupted flesh could be masked with Halloween makeup. Nice try, evil ones.


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