Friday, March 03, 2006

There are "vampires" and then there are VAMPIRES!

Today's revealing picture will help to demonstrate a misconception that has been sweeping the "underworld" ever since Anne Rice released "Interview With A Vampire". "What misconception O' Morbid Master of the Macabre?" you ask - simply put ... That vampires are "good people". I'm sure they would love for everyone to think so. If they were capable of feeling "love" that is.
A vampire is an undead minion of darkness whose sole purpose is to drain mortals of life-sustaining nectar (blood), thereby extending their own accursed existence indefinitely. I really don't see much room there for "good times" or "precious memories". They do not feel pity, anguish or woe for what they must do (kill) in order to survive ... Theirs is an endless un-life of death and destruction. And all in the name of power, fear, and the avoidance of "true" death.
Believe me, I know. I work in New York. And if there is one other city on the face of the earth that is more rife with walking carrion that 'ol NY, I would love to hear about it. Next time you find yourself in Manhattan take a good, long whiff of that wonderful city air. You think that stench can be blamed completely on open sewers or uncollected garbage? I don't think so. There is more than a touch of evil in that taint. But I'm getting off-track ... On to today's trans-morgue-ification.

On the outside our subject seems like a nice guy. He even allows folks to use his pictures for their personal or professional projects (thanks, dude). But once we got him behind the lens of the infamous "aura-cam", a different side of Mr. Nice Guy was revealed ...

Just another damn vampire. And a particularly rotten one at that. So the next time you are watching reruns of "Angel" and you find yourself leaning closer to the screen in expectation of some romantic interlude between the "good vampire" and a comely young mortal lass, ask yourself this question. Just how disgusting would a corpse's tongue taste?

Ta for now, ya sickos!


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