Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thanatos and Vampress

Good day O' ye Denizens of Darkness and Patrons of Putrescence. Today's fiendish fun begins with a corrupted couple who go by the aliases "Thanatos" and "Vampress". Each of these hellspawned horrors is frightening enough on its own... Yet once joined... The potency of their foulness is greater than the sum of its individual halves. In short, these two dark dreams combine to form a nightmare.

You can find the Vampress lurking in her online lair where she enjoys her status as the web's most notorious nosferatu. I definitely recommend that you visit her site and sift through the ominous offerings available to fans of dark delights. And where you seek one, you shall surely find the other... Pry into the maggot-corroded cranium of Thanatos HERE. But don't blame 'Ol Arcanum when you end up mumbling to yourself in a dark, forgotten corner of the local sanitorium.

Curious enough to dare a peek at this devilish duo? I won't keep you waiting any longer ... Here they are in all their gruesome glory ...

Until next time ... Be afraid ... Be very afraid.