Tuesday, February 28, 2006

If Gary Coleman is doing it ... it must be cool.

Even celebrities are "dying to get in". Send me your photo and watch as your life slips away before your very eyes. And like a friend of mine commented on the previous post ... if you want your "un-portait" as a print, t-shirt, coffee mug, or something else, I could always set it up through my shop (Arcane Apparel).Just be sure to send me a hi-res photo or it may not be possible.

Until I recieve some amateur photos,I guess I will amuse myself by converting some of the "rich and powerful" to the darkside ... say hello to Devil Gary!

Dont' forget to "click the pic" if you want to see the full size image.

Greetings From Beyond the Grave

The idea for "Trans-morgue-ification" came from a PS war currently being waged on one of my favorite forums. The premises is simple ... send me a pick of you or a loved one and I will transform them into one of the undead (time permitting of course). I will not show the "before" photo unless you give me permission.

OK ... now that we know what we are here for let's look at some samples from the PS War I was talking about (just click on a pic to see the full size) ...

If you like what you see send me your picture and I will kill you (not literally of course) ... send the photo to admin@jeffspangler.net . A link can be found under "My Profile".