Friday, May 05, 2006

Chilling Children

Greetings once more my fiendish friends. Todays' transmorgueification befalls two innocent children (or so they would have us believe). Never was there a more putrid pair than these sinister siblings! Woe to their parents for surely such a baleful brood can only lead to a most dreadful doom.

The first (a female) has been revealed as a very rare form form of nosferatu ... The atrocious arachnamorph! Take a good look at those deceptively slender limbs and the charming smile. For once this callous creature has you within arms length, the minutes remaining in your life will be fleeting and few.

Her brother on the other hand (hands?) is nothing less than a lichling. Yes, you heard me right readers. This "child" has the ability to summon and control an endless army of creeping corpses and stumbling skeletons to do his dark bidding. Stay well away from a creature such as this unless you would like to end up as one of his mindless minions.

And so a word to the wise ... Let children be. Seek not to "steal candy from the baby" for you never know what lurks behind that youthful disguise. Just pat them them on the head and give them a dollar. After all, better "safe than souless" I always say.