Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Behind This Door ... Ancient Evil.

From the Stygian depths of the primordial rises today's terrifying transmorgueification - terrifying in what it implies more than in the physical abomination revealed. Ask yourself ... What do we really know about the world that flows beneath the waves of earth's oceans? What sleeps in the bottomless deep? What lurks in the unbroken darkness that lies beyond the grasp of science?

The answer? I have none. At least not one that would satisfy any sane person. But I can tell you this ... Do not believe the facade that is known as "Ghoulish Gary Pullin", yet another diabolical menace that is a part of THE RUE MORGUE. (Did I not predict that we would find much corruption oozing from that blighted domain?) This "thing" that calls itself "Gary" even has the nerve to pose as an Art Director.

Take away the wig, the prosthetic nose, the false lips, the false ears, the flesh tone face paint, and the (obviously) false goatee ... And what are you left with? Take a peek at the pic to find out ...

Yet another spawn of Great Cthulhu that got tired of eating fish and associating with drowned corpses I guess. Didn't anyone ever notice that his aftershave smells suspiciously like dead fish?


Blogger Shmelo said...

Another great one. I love the dual pupils. I can't wait for mine.

March 20, 2006 9:46 AM  

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