Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Saw Man Cometh!

Consider yourself warned reader ... today's entry into the Codex Arcanum is not for the faint of heart. After seeing what I have "uncovered" you will no longer be able to trust your very senses. No longer will you walk amongst your fellow man and feel at ease in your surroundings - for once more a creature of hideous darkness masquerading as a being of soul and flesh has been revealed.

Today's victim of "Trans-Morgue-ification" is a regular haunt of that foul corner of the web known only as THE RUE MORGUE . Going by the name of "Jaysaw" he seems (at first glance) to be no more nor less out of the ordinary than any other person you might pass on the street. But we know better now ... don't we?

Behold the putrid, chainsaw-weilding, homocidal spectre of undeath that is truly ... JAYSAW!!!

I have no doubt that more "regulars" of the infamous Rue Morgue will prove to be as abominable (or worse) than our horrid "Mr. Saw". It is my experience that such morbid monstrosities tend to cluster together like flies on a festering corpse.

Until next time ... be afraid.


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