Friday, November 02, 2007

Witness the Dawn of a New Dark Age

Someone dim the lights and cue the sound of a creaking coffin lid, for I have returned from the darkness to enter... well to enter the darkness I suppose.

Rejoice, O Worshippers of Woe and Minions of Madness! Even now I work to swell the ranks of the living dead and damned! Today's eager victims offered themselves willingly and are responsible for the resurrection of the Codex Arcanum. So look now upon the altered aspects of Eve and Kayley... two dark damsels who have left the serenity and sanity of order behind for the cold, calloused caress of chaos.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thanatos and Vampress

Good day O' ye Denizens of Darkness and Patrons of Putrescence. Today's fiendish fun begins with a corrupted couple who go by the aliases "Thanatos" and "Vampress". Each of these hellspawned horrors is frightening enough on its own... Yet once joined... The potency of their foulness is greater than the sum of its individual halves. In short, these two dark dreams combine to form a nightmare.

You can find the Vampress lurking in her online lair where she enjoys her status as the web's most notorious nosferatu. I definitely recommend that you visit her site and sift through the ominous offerings available to fans of dark delights. And where you seek one, you shall surely find the other... Pry into the maggot-corroded cranium of Thanatos HERE. But don't blame 'Ol Arcanum when you end up mumbling to yourself in a dark, forgotten corner of the local sanitorium.

Curious enough to dare a peek at this devilish duo? I won't keep you waiting any longer ... Here they are in all their gruesome glory ...

Until next time ... Be afraid ... Be very afraid.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Chilling Children

Greetings once more my fiendish friends. Todays' transmorgueification befalls two innocent children (or so they would have us believe). Never was there a more putrid pair than these sinister siblings! Woe to their parents for surely such a baleful brood can only lead to a most dreadful doom.

The first (a female) has been revealed as a very rare form form of nosferatu ... The atrocious arachnamorph! Take a good look at those deceptively slender limbs and the charming smile. For once this callous creature has you within arms length, the minutes remaining in your life will be fleeting and few.

Her brother on the other hand (hands?) is nothing less than a lichling. Yes, you heard me right readers. This "child" has the ability to summon and control an endless army of creeping corpses and stumbling skeletons to do his dark bidding. Stay well away from a creature such as this unless you would like to end up as one of his mindless minions.

And so a word to the wise ... Let children be. Seek not to "steal candy from the baby" for you never know what lurks behind that youthful disguise. Just pat them them on the head and give them a dollar. After all, better "safe than souless" I always say.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Mistress of The Web

First allow me to apologize for my long absence. Tracking down the minions of darkness and exposing their foul nature online is tiring business and I required a small break. But now that I'm back ... Let's get down to today's particularly putrid post.

I submit for your revulsion one "Monica Kuebler" ... Assistant Editor and Webmistress for THE RUE MORGUE . Tell me ... does that seemingly innocent exterior and youthful countenance fool anyone? I thought not. You Ghouls and Banes are too wickedly wise to fall for such an obvious deception. Weave you webs as you will, Ms. Kuebler. We who have our eyes turned toward the darkness recognize you as one of our own.

Until next time ... be afraid ... be very afraid.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Behind This Door ... Ancient Evil.

From the Stygian depths of the primordial rises today's terrifying transmorgueification - terrifying in what it implies more than in the physical abomination revealed. Ask yourself ... What do we really know about the world that flows beneath the waves of earth's oceans? What sleeps in the bottomless deep? What lurks in the unbroken darkness that lies beyond the grasp of science?

The answer? I have none. At least not one that would satisfy any sane person. But I can tell you this ... Do not believe the facade that is known as "Ghoulish Gary Pullin", yet another diabolical menace that is a part of THE RUE MORGUE. (Did I not predict that we would find much corruption oozing from that blighted domain?) This "thing" that calls itself "Gary" even has the nerve to pose as an Art Director.

Take away the wig, the prosthetic nose, the false lips, the false ears, the flesh tone face paint, and the (obviously) false goatee ... And what are you left with? Take a peek at the pic to find out ...

Yet another spawn of Great Cthulhu that got tired of eating fish and associating with drowned corpses I guess. Didn't anyone ever notice that his aftershave smells suspiciously like dead fish?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Hiding in Plain Sight

Clever, clever little mouse,
Creeping through Arcanum's House.
Try, try but you can't hide,
The evil face that lurks inside.

The undead are a tricky lot. They creep and slither amongst us as we go about our daily lives and generally remain undected by the common man. But sometimes their wicked deceptions backfire. Today's transmorgueifiaction exposes two minions of the night who attempted to hide their true nature by flaunting it openly. Clever, clever, little corpses.

Attending some gruesome gathering hosted by THE RUE MORGUE we see here Ms. Vuckovic (the Heart of Darkness) and one of the Rue Morgue's web moderators - a foul blight on the living that calls itself "Rezurected".

Web Moderator ... a fitting title for a black-hearted spider scuttling along the bloated underbelly of the "World Wide Web". But don't take my word alone as proof of their evil nature. Look at the picture below and see what is revealed when their cheap face paint and theatrical contacts are removed (click the pic for a larger image) ...

Really! As if the stench of corrupted flesh could be masked with Halloween makeup. Nice try, evil ones.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I love the smell of BLOOD in the morning ... It smells like ... Victory.

Some things in life (and unlife) are simply meant to be. Certain elements combine to create a union that is greater than the sum of it's parts. These are simple truths.

Take the case of todays transmorgueification as an example. I have always held the opinion that the undead are seriously underestimated by our nation's military as weapons of mass destruction. What better match is there in this chaotic world than vampires and war? Well it seems I am not the only who feels that way. Whilst attending a recent ceremony I managed to capture this image ...

Good thing I was ready. Cocky bastard started to go mist just as I spotted him.

This foul minion of the night goes by the name "Lethaldread" and can be found lurking in the deepest shadows of THE RUE MORGUE .